aergo aims to develop a new blockchain protocol, with advanced and easy to use developer tools and a state of the art dApp orchestration and deployment framework.

Dayli Financial Group is one of Korea’s largest fintech businesses. They envision a future where they can provide financial services globally to make their customer’s daily life as profitable as possible through breakthrough technologies

WIDUS Partners provides investment advisory service including capital raising solutions for mid-sized businesses.

Bloko provides infrastructure for public and private block chain network implementation, middleware such as dApp development tools for enterprise, block chain technology consulting and consulting services. It is a leading player in the global block-chain software industry.

RootOne is a subsidiary of dunamu and launched ‘BitBerry’, a mobile multi-wallet with an emphasis on user convenience based on the blockchain technology.

Block Crafters Capital is a professional team of experts in blockchain, startups, and traditional finance that invests exclusively in blockchain technologies.

Chain Partners is a blockchain company builder.Chain Partners is a union of top professionals from Google, Fast Track Asia, Yellow Mobile, Shinhan Investment Corporation and DS Asset Management.

Trustonic is one of the leading venturers in the field of TEEs(Trusted Execution Environments). Their technology is already utilised on devices manufactured by renowned firms such as Samsung, LG, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Meizu and Gionee.

Coinfirm carries out AML in the cryptocurrency market through their very own big data analysis technology in addition to the basic rating system used in traditional banks. They’ve developed more than 120 algorithms that accurately classifies the type of wallets, and eliminates those can possibly be used for money laundering, according to analysis of its transactions.

XnTree(CEO Jaewon Chun) is a startup training enterprise. As a member of ‘Level 39’, the largest startup training institute in Europe, XnTree offers technical consultation services as well as regarding investments for about 200 startup businesses.

SENTBE is a company specialized in overseas remittance services based on blockchain technology that introduced direct transactions between cryptocurrencies and fiat money. This process resulted in considerably less time with lower transaction fees.

Credit-Vision is the next generation Saas-based financial data platform for banks and investment funds to standardize, aggregate and analyze private company financial data.

MOIN is a company that offers efficient and rational money transfer system. They have matched the level of security the banks can offer but with faster transfer and lower fees.

Korbot is a company that operates a platform for automatic arbitrage trading of Bitcoin. In the long term, they aim to make a popular platform using blockchain technology.